Springing Zack-in-a-Box

Reported by Zarith

Published on Friday, April 19th, 2024


Springing Zack-in-a-Box

Written by Zarith

Published on Friday, April 19th, 2024



I’m springing like a jack-in-a-box

Springing from winter to the season of spring

Finally, I’m springing outside Britain,

the so-called country I seek refuge in

But I was still dealt with like a criminal

whether back in the UK or here in the Netherlands as I have just landed

They were quick to spring into action

When I said, of course I’ve been to Europe

Because I was a former Europe Correspondent.


I suppose if I spring into a blonde

with superior skin colour and same

travel document,

would they spring into thinking that I was

coming to visit with bad intention?

And when you pull me to the side, and display me

to all the travellers from around the world like a zoo animal,

when they took pics of me like “oh he must be

a bad guy since he’s coloured.”


Oh well, there’s nothing new I haven’t faced whilst

roaming the planet over 3 decades

whether it’s spring time, winter time or any other season

I am just a wacky Zack-in-a-box

Ready to spring & spread happiness & laughter

But always been put in a box by all the

governments who couldn’t stand the sight,

the smell, the colours & the light that

I am incessantly springing

into every soul who deserves it!!!

Written by Zarith

It has been a global soul search for me to fit in somewhere I can safely and finally call my ‘home’. Born on a tropical island in Southeast Asia, romantic English literature from the likes of Jane Austen & William Wordsworth took me to a faraway misty English countryside. I was an academic, which enabled me to be admitted to one of the best boarding schools. But the shocking, brutal treatment that I received there cemented my purpose of life to help people like myself and the displaced, stateless and the marginalised even more. I overcame these challenges by focusing on scientific research into breakthrough medical intervention. At the University of East London, I was honoured to be part of former alumni to campaign for equal and fair access to tertiary education for people seeking asylum and beyond. I was appointed as Europe Correspondent for my country and a member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). I have been in the journalism industry for the last 12 years. In my home country I was fired for whistleblowing on the government and accused of being a fake journalist to further discredit & assassinate my character. I aspire to create a community that can champion kindness and caring. Then we can change the whole narrative and course of a country, and love will win over hatred.

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