About us

The VOICES hub brings together raw reports on our experiences, concerns and ideas – a network of trained community reporters with lived experiences of the refugee and asylum system in the UK, using our mobile phones to document our own stories.

Through VOICES, we want to amplify our experiences to change minds, policy and practice.

The VOICES hub has been created by The Voices Network, British Red Cross and On Our Radar.

More about the VOICES Network

The VOICES Network creates a powerful way in which services, policy development, and media work can be co-produced to have more impact. By doing this, we can close the gap for refugees and people seeking asylum to be able to speak up about, and achieve, real change on the issues that affect us.

VOICES is a collective of people with lived experience of the refugee and asylum system in the UK. We are experts by experience and we speak up to

  1. Change minds (through engaging with media and communities)
  2. Change policy (through advocacy and working with decision-makers)
  3. Change practice (shaping services and strategy)

VOICES Ambassadors are spread across Scotland, Wales and England and form an independent group that does not represent any organisation.