Even the birds are chained to the sky

Reported by Zarith

Published on Friday, April 19th, 2024


Even the birds are chained to the sky

Written by Zarith

Published on Friday, April 19th, 2024



As we left the nests from all corners of the globe,

we can’t help but notice and taste the sweet

freedom in the green pastures

Living the fantasies of our forefathers,

Realizing the tales of the centuries,

Told by mystical storytellers and missionaries,

Perching on the thin feathers of hope in bureaucracies.


Trying to forget the deathly journeys we have exhausted

Picking one by one the puzzle of our root solidly frosted

Melting by the audacity to live as we ought to

Designed by the Almighty as He wanted to

Quivering by the sorrow of those we loved & left

Forming camaraderie with the newly bereft

Pursuing the arduous fellowship of the scholarly excellence

In order to build a new nest of tolerance & acceptance


But there are more obstacles than meet the eye

Although we seemed free to fly as we earnestly try

As we were told repeatedly to go back to our old nests

Unknowing if our voices & breaths will be severely suppressed

Because we are “stealing” the overflowing sustenance from a glorious empire

that was constructed through our rivers of blood & hellfire

A grand theft & plunder that was even blessed by the Lord

Seemingly this historical amnesia conveniently has been ignored

As you now will finally understand, “Why oh why?”

Even the birds are chained to the sky.


Written by Zarith

It has been a global soul search for me to fit in somewhere I can safely and finally call my ‘home’. Born on a tropical island in Southeast Asia, romantic English literature from the likes of Jane Austen & William Wordsworth took me to a faraway misty English countryside. I was an academic, which enabled me to be admitted to one of the best boarding schools. But the shocking, brutal treatment that I received there cemented my purpose of life to help people like myself and the displaced, stateless and the marginalised even more. I overcame these challenges by focusing on scientific research into breakthrough medical intervention. At the University of East London, I was honoured to be part of former alumni to campaign for equal and fair access to tertiary education for people seeking asylum and beyond. I was appointed as Europe Correspondent for my country and a member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). I have been in the journalism industry for the last 12 years. In my home country I was fired for whistleblowing on the government and accused of being a fake journalist to further discredit & assassinate my character. I aspire to create a community that can champion kindness and caring. Then we can change the whole narrative and course of a country, and love will win over hatred.

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