Love will always win & keep on loving

Reported by Zarith

Published on Wednesday, February 14th, 2024

Kindness Love

Love will always win & keep on loving

Written by Zarith

Published on Wednesday, February 14th, 2024



I know it’s cliche that love seems elusive in today’s world of conflicts and aggressions. Injustice is too blatant, as well as the double standards. Most of us fortunately arrived in this world out of love, and others didn’t share the same predicament depending where they are. It is heart-breaking to keep on witnessing the lack of love we are seeing every single day. For me, love can be tumuultous at times, yet I can also remember when being in love with my partner or being cradled by my grandmother was just so intoxicating. It’s human nature to crave for love and affection. It is also natural to yearn feeling safe around your loved ones and to freely express your love towards each other. Even to strangers and animals and the environment. You can’t quantify love, but sadly one can feel when there is less of it and even when there is no more love.

It’s funny that as I am writing this, I have been single for the longest time and dreaming to share my love with a special person. At the same time, I do know that I am loved and I need to keep on living to give hope to others. I am truly grateful to have felt loved and been in love, which is a sheer privilege that many aren’t so lucky. I have learnt that I don’t base the value of a person on how much they’re worth. I’ve interviewed Presidents, CEOs, Prime Ministers, Hollywood actors and those who made it including family members and friends, but the only thing that is distinctive about them is how they treated other human beings. I’ve lost so-called best friends of decades and family members but strangely, better loving ones keep on coming. In fact, on my gallivanting journey, it was those who had next to nothing who opened up their beautiful hearts and homes and accepted me as I am – a human being that is full of weaknesses and shortcomings.

As I have advocated and said many times, you aren’t the other half of another person as you are already complete and you must be independent and strong enough to face the world by loving yourself more than anything else. By loving yourself unconditionally, as my ex told me, you’re worth more than you think you are and by doing that you can attract and magnify the love you’re shown. Don’t give up on love in your darkest hour. Love every single day and try to fill your stolen time with love all around you as every single second you live is already lost. I do hope the world can see that love will always win and there is love at the end of the tunnel. I read this quote somewhere and I have edited it to how I feel. Hope this helps.


Keep loving through the confusion

Keep loving through the madness

Keep loving through the violence

Keep loving through the wars

Keep loving through the sadness

Keep loving through the hate

Keep loving through the threats

Keep loving through your anxiety

Keep loving through your failures

Keep loving through your anger

Keep loving through your fears

Keep loving through your every movement

Keep loving through the end of your breath

Keep loving until loving is the only thing that’s left!


Written by Zarith

It has been a global soul search for me to fit in somewhere I can safely and finally call my ‘home’. Born on a tropical island in Southeast Asia, romantic English literature from the likes of Jane Austen & William Wordsworth took me to a faraway misty English countryside. I was an academic, which enabled me to be admitted to one of the best boarding schools. But the shocking, brutal treatment that I received there cemented my purpose of life to help people like myself and the displaced, stateless and the marginalised even more. I overcame these challenges by focusing on scientific research into breakthrough medical intervention. At the University of East London, I was honoured to be part of former alumni to campaign for equal and fair access to tertiary education for people seeking asylum and beyond. I was appointed as Europe Correspondent for my country and a member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). I have been in the journalism industry for the last 12 years. In my home country I was fired for whistleblowing on the government and accused of being a fake journalist to further discredit & assassinate my character. I aspire to create a community that can champion kindness and caring. Then we can change the whole narrative and course of a country, and love will win over hatred.

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Kindness Love

One thought on “Love will always win & keep on loving

  1. Such a beautiful piece, a true expression of your soul and raison d’etre, love. Knowing you personally has been a pleasure Zarith, I love having had the privilege to have had a glimpse of your journey, and to have been able to share parts of it with you. I love the way you tell us to love, to walk through trials with kindness and smiles, just as you do. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. Wishing you lots of love and success and look forward to reading more of your adventures. ❤️🇵🇸🕊️

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