Echoes of Eternity

Reported by Muhammad K.

Published on Tuesday, May 7th, 2024


Echoes of Eternity

Written by Muhammad K.

Published on Tuesday, May 7th, 2024


Echoes of Eternity

In my solitude’s vast silence, 

Your voice carves echoes, deep, 

In the cool desert air, 

Shadows of your lips, 

Mirages, fleeting, keen. 


Stars flicker—night’s brief guests, 

Their light, sharp flashes, 

Vanish at dawn’s first truth, 

Dreams fading fast, 

Sharp as a waking eye. 


Dawn transforms, 

Your words cut clear, 

“What is this awareness?” 

Answers slice the stillness, 

Renewal sharp and sure. 


Your essence stirs from dreams, 

Fragrance sharp as laughter, 

The tremble of your smile, 

Your face’s glow— 

Morning’s sharp light. 


Your beauty wanders, 

Sharp moonbeams in my heart, 

A touch, tender, yet keen as frost, 

Your presence soothes, 

Sharp as night’s deep calm. 


In solitude’s desert, 

Our love paints, sharp and true, 

Deep as your eyes, enduring as heartbeats, 

Every grain, every breeze, 

Our souls stitched sharp— 

Echoing into eternity’s sharp expanse. 

Written by Muhammad K.

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